Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Ascension Day - 13th may

One of the festivals of the Christian year which does not receive as much attention as it should is Ascension Day. This year Ascension Day falls on Thursday 13th May. We will be celebrating the festival with a Eucharist for the whole Benefice at 7.30pm at St. Mary's, Lidgate. If you are able to, why not come along?

Why is Ascension Day important? The disciples had spent three years with Jesus, watching, listening and learning. They had seen him crucified and then wondrously resurrected. They had enjoyed those unpredictable encounters with him during the forty days after his Resurrection. But now, Jesus is mysteriously taken from them. This was a different sort of experience, save perhaps for those three friends who had witnessed the transfiguration. St. Luke depicts the disciples as being open-mouthed, speechless, staring up into the sky, wonder-full.

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