Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bansfield Benefice Hall refurbishment - update

Report by Michael McEvoy

Report for weeks ending Friday
24th September to 15th October

The majority of the ‘fitting out’ has been done.

The electricians have rewired the premises and will return when the floor is laid in the final week, to install the lighting and heating equipment.

The new rear door has been fitted and has added to the character of the building.

The rear roof has been stripped and a new ‘slate’ material has been laid. The leak was caused by the lead flashing being laid in one eight foot length, without any expansion joints. Cracks in the lead were found as a result of this error and the roof leaked. The new roof has allowed for expansion joints.

All the new kitchen units are now in situ.

The missing uprights in the roof have been installed using some of the salvaged oak floor joists and the cracked ceiling has been re-plastered and painted.

Decorating has been carried out to all the inside walls and ceilings.

Most of the last week has been spent on the cupboards in the main hall. The open shelves have been repositioned to display the Traidcraft stock, and folding doors fitted.

The new main storage cupboard reaches almost to the ceiling. It is much larger with more shelving and should be more than adequate for storage.

The new electric consumer unit will be positioned at a lower level within a separate section of the cupboard, making it easier to reach when necessary. The remaining ‘mains metering equipment’ has been swung round to a new position at the rear of the cupboard. It was decided not to move this equipment lower as the electricity board would have been involved and the added expense was thought to be unnecessary.

Two air vents have been inserted in the walls to let the hall ‘breathe’, especially when it is not in use. They can be closed when the hall is in use to avoid draughts. Two fan lights have also been placed in the rear window.

An officer from the council’s highways department visited and gave permission for the new tarmac stretch outside the hall.

Work has now begun on the perimeter, with new shingle laid abutting the hall for better drainage. A new concrete threshold step has been installed at a lower level to allow disabled access to the hall. The door panel will be lowered to meet the lower floor threshold.

A plumber will be on site in the next few days to install the disabled toilet and kitchen supplies.

The oak flooring and vinyl is planned to be laid on Tuesday the 26th October, followed by the electricians completing the fitting out of the electrical goods.

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