Monday, June 14, 2010

Fairtrade and trade justice

Five years on from the Diocese receiving Fairtrade status, churches are being invited to renew their commitment to fairtrade and trade justice. I have written to all PCC secretaries and serving clergy. Churches which do not already have fairtrade status have been invited to apply, whilst Fairtrade churches have been asked to take their concern one step further. Each letter included a number of enclosures and suggestions about how to become more involved. These included:

ideas for incorporating teaching & prayers about trade justice in worship, Bible studies, home groups, Sunday school, youth groups etc.
taking part in the Big Brew in 2011 (28 February – 13 March 2011)
extending the range of Fairtrade products used in church
taking campaigning action (joining the World Development Movement) &
giving third world producers a step up into world markets (through Shared Interest or Traidcraft Exchange).
It has been that these ideas should be considered at a PCC meeting. If you are a recipient of one or both of the letters, please take action. If you are not a recipient and hear nothing about this at your church perhaps you could ask your PCC Secretary what is happening!

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