Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Millenium development goals and Micah 2010

It is 10 years since the nations of the world made the promise to halve global poverty by 2015. The critical Millennium Declaration Review Summit takes place in September in New York (20 - 22 September). The annual global ‘stand up’ has been brought forward this year to take place just before the conference (17 – 19 September). This year the plan is to ‘Make a noise for the Millennium Development Goals’. For ideas see www.bond.org.uk/pages/standup2010.html

Then on 10 October churches worldwide are planning a further focus on the MDGs – Micah 2010.

The Micah Challenge is a global coalition of Christians which seeks to hold governments to account for the promises they made towards the fulfilment of the Millennium Development Goals. The idea is to make sure that these promises are not forgotten.

The objective is to have:

100 million Christians praying a global prayer on 10/10/10.
10 million making a promise to remember the poor and commit to living a life of justice. We will be asked to raise our hands in promise, then make a special handprint.
1,000 politicians worldwide reminded that there are only 5 years remaining to meet the promise the nations have made. The handprints will be the visible message to pass on to the politicians.
The global prayer is already on the Micah web site (www.micahchallenge.org). Churches can register online (www.michahchallenge.org.uk) and then they will be sent updated details for action as they unfold - worship ideas, the use of handprints to indicate promises and the co-ordination of the lobby of MPs.

So please do get your church signed up and ensure that Sunday 10 October is a special time of prayer in support of the 8 Millennium Development Goals.

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